Golden Beach, Puri

It seems as though God, nature and Humans all have joined their hands to evolve Puri as one of the most distinguished cities in the world. The abode of Lord Jagannath caressed by Bay of Bengal and studded with carnivals like Rath Yatra and beach festival, Puri appears to be a delight for the tourists. The clean and salubrious beaches in Puri covered with Golden Sands attracts tourists from all across the globe. The wonderful view of Sun rise and Sun set on the beach is like an additional retreat.

The beachs of Puri also has great religious significance. According to holy Hindu texts it comprises one of the pancha tirthas or 5 holy spots of Puri. Hence a dip in the holy sea is considered to be sacred for the millions of devotees visiting Puri. The bath in Bay of Bengal at the Puri beach is also considered to be one of the significant rituals of the char dham Yatra or the visit to four most holy places of Hindus. The absence of underwater current in this beach makes it popular and safe amongst any other beach in India. The beach is full of excitements for all. While the experts can enjoy swimming on the beach all through the day, the nuanias or the local fishermen assist in fulfilling this desire of the amateurs and the kids.

The mornings in the beach starts with the spectacular view of the sky painted with shades of various colors with the sun coming out from the arms of Bay of Bengal, with the rising sun coming up from the sea and occupying its seat in the Sky, the beach gets covered with the noises of the fishermen engaged in arranging their boats and nets for their day long expedition. The day goes on lazing out, splashing and playing with the waves and taking sun baths. The waves hitting the shore brings in with them tons of shells and conches. Hundreds of tourists can be seen engaged in collecting them on the beach. The evening spreads in an aura of vibrant colors on the sky by the sun which is engaged in wrapping its light and for renouncing back in to the arms of Bay of Bengal after the day long journey. The boats of fishermen start getting anchored at the beach. They bring in with them from the immense treasure of sea, salt water fishes, crabs, conchs and shells.

The boats used by these fishermen hold some wonderful charms within themselves. These boats are of crude nature and are made up of solid tree trunks, two or three of them are joined together to give them a shape of a raft or a boat. Buck of the boat provides buoyancy and when not in use these logs are untied and kept on the shores for drying.

The Puri beach is known for giving birth to the sand art. The hands of many artists are engaged in this beach in giving various shapes to the golden sands lying languorously on the Puri beach. The art which demands hours of dedication from an artist gets dissolved in the sea with a splash of the waves.

Though Puri continues to attract tourists all through the year, the months between October to November holds special charms for tourists. The beach festival is organized during the month of November and the beach remains alive even in the night. The pleasant weather of these months permits you to take the strolls and walk around the beach all through the day.

Puri railway station is connected with all the metros of India while the Puri Konarak marine drive connects it with Bhubaneshwar which is also the nearest airport.

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