Gopalpur On Sea

The mystifying beach of Gopalpur has been evolving as a prime tourist destination. The calm beach away from the hustles and bustles of the cities is emerging as a crowd puller. Located in the Ganjam district of Orissa, this pristine beach is 14 kms from the Behrampur. Once known as one of the richest towns of the Kalinga Empire Gopalpur was an important trading centre during the rules of the Britishers. The port ceased to exist after the Second World War. The beach once known as Paloura got its present name from the eighteenth century temple dedicated to Lord Krishna who is popularly called Gopal. The beach where the nature and humans are learning to coexist in harmony is a great site for promoting eco tourism.

Gopalpur Beach Attractions:

The beach secluded for miles has the grooves of coconut and casuarinas as its inhabitants. At Gopalpur beach your days are welcomed with astonishing views of the Sun rising from the laps of Bay of Bengal and remain filled with activities like yachting, it can also transform into a trial lesson for the amateurs about surfing while the experts can enjoy the fun of surfing amidst the waves of Bay of Bengal. The trainers can guide with an interesting range of water sports and you definitely sharpen your skills in them while relaxing in this beach resort. The hamlets close by have amazing orchards of Oranges which will definitely charge you with pleasure. There lies a light hose meant for the ships merchant crossing in the British days, today it captures a spectacular view of the entire Gopalpur beach. The dawns are celebrated with the Sun folding its glory and surrendering itself into the arms of Bay of Bengal with the promise to back again with the same freshness and brightness.

Nearby tourist places:

The splendid Chilka Lake which is now a part of the Ramasar Convention is just at a distance of 45kms form Gopalpur. Chilka is known for its amazing population of Irrawaddy Dolphins and for being the home to millions of resident and migratory birds. The Chilka Lake has been declared as the wetlands of international significance and has since evolved as a sanctuary. The rich aquatic kingdom of the lake attract thousands tourists for activities like fishing and angling.


Taptapani meaning hot water is the hot water spring at distance of 67 kms from Gopalpur. The sulphur rich warm water of the spring is believed to have medicinal properties and tourists for ages have been taking dips in this spring for getting cured from ailments like skin troubles.


Dableshwar is located at a distance of 15 kms from Gopalpur and it is famous for the shrine of Lord Shiva. A grand fair is organized here every year on the pious day of Shavaratri festival which means the night of the Lord Shiva. Hundreds of devotees assemble on this day to offer milk, water and marijuana to the God on the day which s believed to be the auspicious day of his marriage with Goddess Parvati.

Gopalpur beach festival

The annual beach festival is being organized by the Gopalpur hotel association in the month of December since from 1996 to promote ecotourism in this salubrious beach.

Watching the life catching its pace on the Gopalpur beach is also a wonderful experience. The fisherman getting ready for their journey to the sea with their boats and nets on the white surf accumulated and amidst the golden sands covering the beach presents a spectacular view. The shells and shell lies languorously on the beach to be picked up by the collectors while the call of the local fishermen called the Nolias helping the amateurs to swim urges an appeal within you to spread your arms amidst the gusty waves of the sea. The abandoned mansions and the bungalows on the streets of this recluse beach that were once inhibited by the European sailors and merchants bring back the memories of left behind colonial charms.

The months of Summer and Monsoons brings a halt amongst the merriness of this beach resort. The scorching heat and the drenching rains restrict life within the shades until sunset. The beach remains suitable for tourist from the arrival of October and continues to be pleasant until March.

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