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Durga Puja

Every year in the month of September or October Durga Puja is celebrated almost in all the states of India. This is a ten day long festival to celebrate the joy of victory of the deity of power, 'Devi Durga' over 'the mahisasura' or the evil. The tradition of Durga Puja celebrations were introduced in Orissa by the Cheddi rulers around 300 B.C. Durga Puja is called by different names like Dushehra, Akal Bodhan, Shodasa Upachara, Durgotsava, Saradiyo Utsava, Nava Ratras and so on in different parts of Orissa, but has one meaning victory of good over the evil, it is more than a festival in Orissa, it is a celebration of the arrival of Goddess Durga, its about prosperity, love, care, reunion in the family. The goddess is worshipped as per the age old customs in the 'Shakti Pithas' while the local Mandapas and Pandals bring in the celebrations to the doorstep of common man.

The arts and handicrafts of Orissa get boosted during this period, the silver filigree artists are required for the ornaments of the Goddess, the stone carvers from making the exquisite idols and Patta Charita artists for decorating the Pandals and mandapas.

The devotees in hundreds of number assemble in the mandapas or pandal where the idol of the goddess is kept for the worship and celebrations. On the last day the idol of the god is taken to be submerged in nearby rivers.

Devi Durga odisha is also worshipped for 9 days during the Ram Navmi celebrate during the month of March or April and during Kali Puja or Depavali as Goddess Kali one of the incarnations of Goddess Durga in the month of October or November.

But its Durga Puja which is celebrated with great pomp and show. The local Mandapas organize many cultural nights during the days of the Puja and many competitions involving the devotees of all age group. Their remains special programs for the kids to show them their talent. Bhogs or the offerings made to the Goddess are also served as meals on selected Mandapas. The tourists can participate is all these competitions and can enjoy the Oriya traditions by be a part of it.

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