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Cuttack Tourism




The City of Cuttack which literally means The fort signifying the Barabati Fort is the largest city of Orissa. The city was formed in 989 CE and was the capital of Orissa for thousands of years. Its proximity to Mahanadi delta makes it surrounded by many rivers like the Kathjori, the Kuakhai etc and their estuaries. Like most of the cities in Orissa, the temples of ancient and medieval period are a major source of tourist attraction in Cuttack. But this Historic city is known for its religious integration. It has been under the rules of rulers of different religion which has sown the seeds of tolerance amongst the common mass of Cuttack.


The prime locations of tourist interest in the city are:


The temples:


Dhableshwar Temple (35 km from Bhubaneshwar): This temple is located in the islands of Mahandai River. A pillar less hanging bridge connects this temple to the mainland.


Chhatia (30 km from Bhubaneshwar): Chhatia is an unique representation of the present and the past. While the temple of lord Jagannath represents the modern architecture of Orissa, the Amravati- Kataka is the site of five significant forts of Chadaganga Deva, one of the rulers of Orissa who was involved in the construction of the famous Jagannath temple of Puri.


Niali - Madhava (45 km from Bhubaneshwar): Niali is known for the temple of lord Sovaneshwar and it is known for its sculptors. Madhava is known for the image of lord Madhava the other name for Lord Jagannath. Madhava is at a distance of 8 km from Niali, this picturesque village is an ideal picnic spot.


Jajpur (95 Kms): Jajpur is famous for the shrine of deity Viraja, the other name for Goddess Durga. Located on the banks of river Baitarini it is also called Vaitarini Tirtha.


Kendrapara (65 km): Kendrapara has the temple of lord Baldev, and attract millions of devotees during the Rath Yatra. It is called the Tulasi Tirtha.


The Buddhist sites:


Naraj (15 km): Naraj was once known for Buddhist culture and learning. This picturesque location is also a popular picnic destination.


Ratnagiri & Lalitgiri (55 km) : Ratnagiri and Lalitgiri now in its ruins were the site of Buddhist monastery once. The images of Buddha and the carvings on the doors are the prime attractions.


The Gurdwaras:


The Gurudwara Dattan Sahib: It is one of the important shrines of Sikhs. It is believed that this Gurudwara got its name from the tree whose sticks were used by the first Guru of Sikhs, Guru Nanak Dev for cleaning his teeth while his visit to Cuttack. The tree is still believed to be flourishing.


The mosques:

Qadam - e - Rasool: This mosque meaning the foot of the god has the footmarks of Prophet Mohammed engraved in a stone. This mosque built by Shijauddin Khan is known for its marvelous architecture.


Juma Masjid: This masjid reminds us about the rule of the mighty Mughals in Cuttack. This beautiful mosque is known for its domes and pillars.


Historical site:


Choudwar (10 km): This small city of Choudwar was once the capital of Virat, the brother-in-law of Pandavas. It is one of the main centres of Shiva Worshipping in India.


Chandikhol (40 kms): Chandikhol is an ideal picnic spots amidst the woods with a perennial river. The Mahavinayaka shrine for Lord Ganesha is one of the attractions apart from the ashram of Baba Vhairavananda.


Barabati Fort: The fort around which the historic city of Cuttack revolves today is now in its ruins. This fort narrates the glorified past of this majestic city.


Natural Beauty:


Ansupa (70 km): Ansupa is known for its beautiful lake. It attracts a very high number of migratory birds every year. The overlooking Saranda Mountains and the bamboo and the mango trees surrounding the lake make it a must visited destination near Cuttack.


Paradeep: Paradeep is a beach resort known for its majestic port. The salubrious beach of Paradeep is good for rejuvenating your soul.




Cuttack is known for the artistic silver filigree work, brass and horn works, woven textile of silk and cotton called the Cuttaki prints and applique works of Pipli.


How To Reach:


Cuttack is at a distance of 29 kms from Bhubaneshwar.

Bhubaneshwar is well connected with rest of India by air, rail and road.

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